dry bones bike

drybones-bike-2-copy.jpgaunt jemima made this on adobe photoshop CS3. it’s a tribute to drybones….. and bacon 4…… (the parking lot)


Trying to put a slideshow on

hey its me, aunt jemima, im just trying to put a slideshow that mr pancake sent to me, but its not working so i have to figure that out. stay tuned.

Pancake Quiz

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New Page

Today, the pancake squad would like to introduce what we look like. So we made a page with what we look like in the pancake world. So check it out, the drawings are courtesy of our narrator.

Big thanx

Even though this has nothing to do with pancakes, (don’t keep reading if you’re hoping this does) I would like to thank R2Dpenguin66 for the username of the penguin + password (visit his site http://cpfanatic.wordpress.com I go there like everyday.) So cpfanatic, you rock. I hope you have a happy birthday, and your site rocks (HOW DID YOU GET SO POPULAR?!) lol.

We dispise waffles still,

Aunt Jemima

 P.S Cpfanatic, can you change the e-mail address to Kickecon@aim.com for the penguin, I want to change the password and I can’t do that unless I have the address. (If you want to have the penguin too, i’ll tell you the new password)

This little thing is sweet.

hey wasup. I have noticed that alot of you are disappointed that you are the only one on the site at that time. Well, I went to a site and found this little thing right here >>> website counter It shows you how many people are on the site, and if you click it, what page they are on. So I will be adding a page with this thing on it, just so you know.

We hate waffles,

Aunt Jemima

Glitch Fix

Hey guys. Alot of you have been telling me that the Pancake Run hasn’t been uploading on your computers because it’s always loading. Well Aunt Jemima fixed the problem and it should work now. (Can’t use my real name. If you know who Aunt Jemima is in real life, you’ll know who fixed it. If not, TOO BAD!!) so anyway that’s fixed. And we also figured out how to post multiple games so we will keep them updated. (most will be from miniclip) Also, if you’re into Club Penguin, go to cpfanatic.wordpress.com. The owner (I know him) is raffling off a rare penguin. If you would like to enter go to his site and go to the post on his homepage that says ‘Raflle’. Then go to comments and tell him you want to enter. (also his site rocks for those of you who need help. In CP)

We hate waffles,

Aunt Jemima